Aissatou Diouf

Node Coordinator of CAN West & Central Africa

Aissatou Diouf is the Node Coordinator of Climate Action Network in West and Central Africa (CAN WA). She also works as International Policy and Advocacy Officer at the international NGO Enda Energie based in Senegal. She has been fighting for more than a decade for environmental protection, social and climate justice. She has participated in the last 10 international climate negotiations (C0P). Her job is to monitor and analyse progress in the UN international negotiations on climate change, as well as support and build capacity/understanding of African civil society organizations on international climate change stakes and dynamics, to make the voice of the most vulnerable heard in international era. She also works on methodologies to integrate climate change mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage policies within national and local policy planning in developing countries. In recent years she worked on several campaigns for mobilisation of new and additional climate finance, access to energy for all, and operationalization of the SDGs. In her spare time, Aissatou likes to read, do sports and travel.