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AbibiNsroma Foundation (ANF), is a not-for-pro6t, non-governmental organisation committed to identifying, promoting and empowering grassroots to develop innovative solutions for the developmental challenges in Ghana and Africa. Through capacity building, training, research, advocacy and community development in the areas of energy, climate change and environment, natural resources, education, health and agriculture, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene to enhance Sustainable Development in Ghana and Africa as whole.

The Foundation operates from its Tema based Secretariat at Community 7 in the Tema Metropolis within the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Director and Other staff include Program Manager's, Human Resource Manager, Project officer, Advocacy and Campaign officer,Finance and administrative officer, Gender Coordinator, school Coordinators and Volunteers.

contact: info@abibinsromafoundation.org 

The mission of Alliance for Empowering Rural Communities (AERC)

is to empower local communities to build resilience to changing global crisis and adapt local actions to achieve sustainable development.

Contact: matey.richard@aiesec.net 

ASEDI works on climate change and sustainable development. Our vision is to become a leading African organization specializing in research on topics related to climate and development. Our strategic axes are: research and production of tools on climate change; research and production of development tools; the implementation of development projects.

contact: awalidjeri@gmail.com 

ASADD promotes the joint achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs - Agenda 2030) and Africa's Agenda 2063 in an integrated and indivisible manner and balances the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic and governance, social, and environmental.

Vision: ASADD aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the aspirations of the African Union's Agenda 2063, by serving people and their environment, with the multifaceted support and solidarity of other players in non-governmental organizations and development cooperation in order to sustainably change the living conditions of populations.

Strategic axes / Our priority areas: Reduction of poverty and hunger; Education and access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT); Health and well-being for all, HIV/AIDS, cancers and diabetes; Human Rights, Gender and People with Disabilities; Environment, climate and clean energy; Water and Sanitation and Hygiene, Housing; Peace and Security; and Promotion of sustainable socio-economic development activities and projects (social and professional integration) for disadvantaged, fragile, vulnerable and disabled communities.

Contact: infoasadd@gmail.com

Climate Change Network Nigeria (CCN-Nigeria) is a not-for-pro7t, nongovernmental, national coalition of over 150 diverse civil society organizations from across Nigeria; working on promoting climate-friendly Nigeria through multi-sectoral approach and partnership (public, private & civil society sectors). It came into existence in 2007 as a measure to evolve a national CSO-led integrated stakeholders’ involvement in climate solution efforts for effective mitigation, adaptation and national response to the impacts/vulnerability of Nigeria.

VISION: To see climate education spread widely for behavioural change in our daily practices to restore our ecosystems.

MISSION: To restore the ecosystem, build a resilient society in combating climate change impact.

Contact: efiksurveyor@gmail.com 


ENDA Energie is a non-governmental organization under Senegalese law based in Dakar, Senegal. Created in 1982 as a Program of the international organization ENDA TM, ENDA Energie was transformed into an NGO, following the changes of the ENDA-TM organization into an international network of NGOs in 2012. It is very involved in the issues and actions related to energy, climate change and the fight against desertification and as well as gender in Senegal and more generally in Africa.

Vision: Societies in which people are self-reliant and resilient, have access to sustainable energy services, and provide effective citizen control over natural resources.

Mission: Accompany populations in transformation processes oriented towards sustainable development

Contact: info@endaenergie.orgwww.endaenergie.org

Green Ark Committee aims to help preserve the balance of ecosystems in order to improve the socio-economic conditions of disadvantaged people and their equitable access to basic resources and services in an eco-citizen and viable society. We dream of an interdependent world that embraces ecologically safe, prudent and sustainable ways of life and production. The association is mainly involved in the following areas of activity: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Renewable Energies, Drinking Water & Sanitation, Food Security, Indigenous Peoples, Disasters & Emergency Relief, Sustainable Development

Contact: pierrepanda@gmail.com 

Founded in 2004, our NGO works with grassroots orders on community development projects. We intervene in areas for the development of the human factor: water and sanitation, drinking water supply and advocacy, promotion of women through the economy and participation decision-making processes, environmental protection and agriculture

the decision-making process, the protection of the environment and agriculture

Contact: lambassaica@yahoo.fr  – www.icabenin.org 


 The Young Volunteers for the Environment – ​​JVE BENIN is a non

-governmental organization that has been working in Benin since 2010. Starting from a simple initiative of young students from the village of Kpélé-Tsiko in the plateau region of Togo in the mid-1990s, JVE was created in 2001 in Togo. It started its activities in Benin in 2004, to be present today in 25 countries in Africa. JVE-Benin has set itself the mission of empowering vulnerable groups through a process of education and capacity building in order to involve them more in the process of sustainable development. Very active in the field of raising awareness of issues of Climate Change and the Climate in general, We are very committed to citizen monitoring around climate financing and advocacy for the promotion of renewable energies. JVE Benin is a member of the national climate change committee. Since 2014 he has been a partner of the NGO network of the adaptation fund. The NGO JVE Benin's vision is to create through its actions a protected living environment, where all men, whatever their status, are autonomous, thanks to education, innovation, and technology to benefit sustainably from the resources. . JVE BENIN has set itself the mission of supporting and strengthening the capacities of actors at different levels, in particular women and young people, in order to make them resilient and able to play their role effectively in safeguarding their Living Environment.

Among other JVE Benin activities focus on the themes of: Climate & Development, Climate Finance, Renewable Energies & Sustainable Development

Sustainable Management of Ecosystems & Environmental Education, IWRM & Sanitation

Conservation of Biodiversity, Leadership, Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-citizenship, Accountability & Governance, Health & Development


Contact: mawuseh@jvebenin.org www.jvebenin.org  https://web.facebook.com/jvebenin

VE Côte d'Ivoire is an association born on February 2, 2008 in Abidjan. Our vision is to maintain our support to the Communities and to be a reference Organization against violations of the environmental and social rights of the Communities and to fight for their resilience in the face of the global climate crisis. JVE wants to be an organized association, well represented on the national territory and having voluntary, dynamic members, who work to ensure that it remains a center of expertise in terms of the environment and sustainable development. Our mission is to educate, support and strengthen the capacity of youth and women in order to involve them in the process of sustainable development.

Contact: jve.ivoire@yahoo.fr 




Created in November 2009 in Niger, recognized under decree N ° 274 / MI / SP / D / DGAP / DLPD of May 08, 2012, the NGO Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement (JVE) contributes to problem solving environment and the promotion of sustainable development in Niger. Its mission is to equip and support young people with a view to their involvement in the promotion of social justice and the sustainable management of natural resources. JVE's vision is to be a benchmark international center of excellence in the search for actions for sustainable development.

The vision of JRE is to be a centre of excellence of international reference in research actions for a sustainable development.


Contact: saniayouba@gmail.com 

e Organization of Young People Engaged in Sustainable Development (OJEDD) is an international youth organization created in June 2017 by young Togolese and registered on March 8, 2018 in Togo. In its dynamic of involving young people in the fight against climate change and sustainable development in Africa, organizes awareness-raising, conferences and training, and development projects to impact young people and grassroots communities. It operates in the areas of environmental education and sustainable development, support for communities in the sustainable management of natural resources (agro-ecology, agro-forestry, etc.), community access to water, sanitation and renewable energies, local and participatory development, social and solidarity economy and social innovation, ...

VISION: A viable and sustainable world where every human being is an agent of change

MISSION: Mobilize and strengthen the capacities of young people on the challenges of sustainable development in order to implement projects that improve the living conditions of populations.

Project to strengthen the commitment of young people and women to climate action in Togo (REJFACT)

Youth involvement project in the NDC revision process in Togo

Project to promote the governance of natural resources for the development of the village of Balanka, Tchamba 3, Togo

Project to set up a community forest in Tchiniga, Haho 3, Togo

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